Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nuestro Camino 2012 - English

It's that time again - and so much has happened over the past 12 months! This year, we will be walking the "epilogue" portion of the Camino...the route from Santiago de Compostela to Muxia and finally to Fisterra! We are so excited to be able to reach the end of the world...


  1. Start of trip / JFK to Madrid
    I am exausted before my hiking begins! It seems that I rather look forward to being with Julia, meeting a kaleidoskope of people from everywhere, and moments of pure joy at the wonder of a morning sun or the smell of almond trees in the afternoon...all this rather than the actual hiking 35 km each day. Which brings me to the conclusion that I should become a hospitalera *hostel manager" on the Camino, preferably with Julia by my side. And of course I now would have to include my soon-to-be husband in this calculation, but knowing him, he would walk to the end of the world by my side, as we intend to do one day, start to finish, relishing every tree and stone on our way. He knows so much more than I about Spanish history and local legends. How I look forward to being married again, to share good and bad and to create our very own history, in the US, in Spain, in Patagonia, Bali Morocco, or whereever we choose to be for a moment, or forever, like wandering birds.

  2. ...contd.
    This joy is tempered by the recent and very premature death of my good friend, Paco. I so much wanted to visit hom at the hospital in Madrid tomorrow, upon my arrival, but he could no longer hold on to life and died on Tuesday...We will dedicate this year's trekking to Paco, attorney, playwright, winemaker, and excellent raconteur of comic and tragic happenings in his life.
    How I now look forward to Julia's prodding me to walk faster, not photograph every Poppy I see on the camino, not to start snoring before she has the chance to fall asleep to start snoring herself. In all, being in a loving sistery environment.

    And my beautiful mom, who has now been a widow for a year and misses dad terribly. Thank God for all her activities, courses, and classes, which are keepign her busy, active and young. Except for my hiking boots, which I left last year in her care, knowing she is always our starting point. SHE GAVE THEM AWAY!!!! Of course she does not remember, to whom or when, but she remembers giving them away. I cannot believe this! I was counting on my comfortable I-carry-you-over-the-mountain boots, well broken in, light and waterproof.

  3. One day, I will laugh at this anecdote.....They are boarding my I go!!!

  4. Saturday, May 12, 2012
    The flight arrived an hour late. Sari and Fran were at the airport waiting for me, as well as a dear friend, Manuel, who alongside of me had been giving Reiki to our friend Paco during his arduous illness...
    Arriving in Aranjuez, we went for bread, fruit and a wonderful paella. We had planned to walk along the Palace gardens after lunch, byt sleep overtook me and I crashed, awakening again at 8pm...the arrival of a friend and Reiki alumnus...Roque and his Argentinian girlfriend,Adriana, plan to head to Argentina and the Patagonia towards the end of this year, and I regalled all with our plans to create our very own eco-tourism center in the Chilean Patagonia...We were supposed to sleep, but Sari, as is our custom, curled up on my bed, and the two of us talked non-stop in our pajamas...deciding finally not to go to sleep, since were would have to get up at 5am, anyway...

  5. Sunday, May 13th
    On the train between MAdrid and San Sebastian now...I am really sleepy now and will probably crasy for a few hours-the train ride is of about 5 hours-. I look forward to embracing my beloved mom and sister-twin Julia in a few hours!!!

  6. ...cont'd...
    We all went to have a delicious lunch at my elder sister's house, followed by a wonderful visit to the Movie see a movie I highly recommend: The Untouchables, an incredible French story..